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Exhibitor / Vendor Agreement


This agreement is effective the date you fill out and pay for your booth. You are entering this agreement by the name of company you put in this form from link provided and are known as (the “Sponsor / Exhibitor”) in further terms and Coffee & Donut Festival (the “Event Producer”).


Exhibitor Space:


The Sponsor / Exhibitor would like to participate in the 2019 Coffee & Donut Festival to be held at the Capital Square Building on May 4, 2019.   By signing below, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.


The Sponsor / Exhibitor can set up on Friday, May 3, 2019 between 2pm and 10pm. The festival opens to the public at 8am on Saturday, May 4th. Event Producer will be on site by 6am. Please ensure booth is staffed by 7:45am. Your booth must be staffed during all open hours of the festival. (8am-3pm Saturday, May 4, 2019).


Your booth must be cleared out by 8pm on Saturday, May 4th. To ensure the best experience for all attendees, do not “shut-down” your space until the festival closes. If an exhibitor does “shut-down” or starts booth tear down before 3pm, a $100 fee will be assessed.

You agree that in being part of the festival you are required to provide a “sample size” of whatever product you choose, to be offered at no cost to the attendees. The “sample size” can be as small as a “bite or sip” or as large as you choose.


All activities for your booth must take place within the footprint of your space. No solicitation or activation within the aisles are permitted due to traffic flow and attendee experience unless an activity is included within a sponsorship package and agreed upon.


No cancellations or refunds once agreement is signed.


Full payment is due at time of contract signing to reserve space and activate marketing initiatives.  Payments may be made via credit card payable to Coffee & Donut Festival.

Sponsor / Exhibitor shall maintain their displays in a quiet and orderly manner. Exhibits which include the operation of musical instruments, audio/video equipment, PA systems, etc., shall maintain their displays in a manner not to disturb any Sponsor / Exhibitor in close proximity.

Sponsor / Exhibitor is responsible for any damage to building caused by its exhibit, employees or agents. Posting or fixing signs, banners or booths to any permanent wall, woodwork, floor, or other permanent portion of the building is prohibited without the express written permission of the Event Producer.

Sponsor / Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Event Producer and hold same harmless from any and all claims or causes of action which arise out of or are proximately caused by Sponsor / Exhibitor exhibits, employees or agents.

The Event Producer does not guarantee or agree to protect Sponsor / Exhibitor against loss of any kind. Sponsor / Exhibitor recognizes and agrees that in entering this Agreement, it is not relying on or expecting the Event Producer to provide any type of security or protection against loss or damage of any kind and Sponsor / Exhibitor hereby waives any claims or causes of action relating to any such loss or damages.

It is understood, in the event Sponsor / Exhibitor fails to comply with any of the terms of this Agreement, the Event Producer reserves the right to terminate this Agreement in which case Sponsor / Exhibitor shall immediately remove from Exhibit Hall, at Sponsor / Exhibitor’s expense, its exhibit, employees and agents. The Event Producer has the right but not the obligation to remove or cause same to be removed at Sponsor / Exhibitor’s expense if Sponsor / Exhibitor fails to do so immediately, and Sponsor / Exhibitor hereby waives and releases any and all causes of action or claims of any nature arising out of such removal and all payments previously made by Sponsor / Exhibitor to the Event Producer shall be forfeited and retained without further obligation to Sponsor / Exhibitor.

If for any reason the Event Producer determines to cancel or terminate any EXPO/Show/Festival which you have contracted to participate in by this agreement, the Sponsor / Exhibitor waives all claims the Sponsor / Exhibitor might have against the Event Producer for damages or expenses and agrees to accept in complete satisfaction and discharge of all claims against the Event Producer, the Sponsor / Exhibitor’s pro-rata share of the total amount paid by all Sponsors / Exhibitors less all costs and expenses incurred by the Event Producer in connection with the EXPO/Show/Festival, including a reserve for future claims and expenses in connection herewith.

The Sponsor / Exhibitor agrees the charge for Sponsor / Exhibitor space(s) reserved is non-refundable and has been made in consideration of Sponsor / Exhibitor using and paying for all space(s) reserved. The Sponsor / Exhibitor shall not be relieved from such payment by failure to use such reserved space for any cause whatsoever.



The Sponsor / Exhibitor agrees the charge for advertising space reserved has been made in consideration of Sponsor / Exhibitor using and paying for all space reserved. The Sponsor / Exhibitor shall not be relieved from such payment by failure to use such reserved space for any cause whatsoever. It is agreed the space reserved hereunder may be used only by or on behalf of the Sponsor / Exhibitor herein named and the Sponsor’s / Exhibitor’s privileges shall not be used directly or indirectly for the promotion of any business, person, or organization other than the Sponsor / Exhibitor.

The Event Producer reserves the right at its absolute discretion, at any time, to cancel any advertising order or reject any advertising copy. All restriction, including without limitation, positioning, separations, facing, editorial adjacencies or other stipulations, are at the sole discretion of the Event Producer.

The Sponsor / Exhibitor agrees if war, an act of God or of a government agency, shortage of paper, production problems or other extraordinary circumstances render performance of this Agreement by the Event Producer a hardship or onerous, the Event Producer shall have the right to cancel this Agreement without penalty. The Sponsor / Exhibitor agrees the Event Producer shall not be liable, nor shall this contract be subject to termination, for any loss or damage sustained by the Sponsor / Exhibitor resulting from typographical errors, wrong insertions, or omissions in whole or in part. In cases where the Event Producer has caused a typographical or advertisement error or omission, the Event Producer’s liability to the Sponsor / Exhibitor shall not exceed the amount charged the Sponsor / Exhibitor for the advertisement.

The Sponsor / Exhibitor / acknowledges a business relationship with the Event Producer and as such, consents to the receipt of fax, email and other communications and offerings from the Event Producer and its affiliates.

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